This is an archive of the version 1.x G5. Version 2.0 is now a RealSimGear product (existing customers have been transferred to the new product).

Version 1.2.0 (Update Pending):

This is a cumulative update for the G5 to modernize our build platform and provide feature continuity between all integrated aircraft. By default, the main installer has been installing version 1.0, though some integrations have had 1.1 bundled in, so this changelog will show the features added in both versions. Make sure to report any issues you may encounter so we can get to fixing them!

Major updates and new features:
  • [G5-36] – Automatic right click window position saving for popups
  • [G5-25] – Replace GS with CRS on HSI
  • [G5-32] – Add popup commands in X-Plane menu bar
Bug Fixes and minor improvements:
  • [G5-35] – G5 PFD airspeed runs away when sim paused
  • [G5-44] – Course selector range protection
  • [G5-48] – Add Right Click Coordinate Display to Log

Version 1.1.0:

Major updates and new features:
  • [G5-4] – Add OAT and TAS to PFD
  • [G5-12] – Add VDI and CDI to PFD
  • [G5-24] – Add 2D Cockpit Support
  • [G5-10] – Add feature to switch from in/hg to hPascal
  • [G5-20] – Add open at launch setting for bezeled popups
  • [G5-28] – Add ability for 3rd bezel-less pop up
  • [G5-29] – Add support to disable panel.png drawing
Bug Fixes and minor improvements:
  • [G5-6] – Code-signed on Mac
  • [G5-23] – G5 rotation can skip
  • [G5-13] – Add VS triangle indicator
  • [G5-27] – Adjust splash boot screen for 2020