The AFM G5 has become a product of RealSimGear, and version 2 has been released!

With Version 2.0 of the G5, some significant improvements have been added, including:

  • Autopilot status “scoreboard” and flight-director to the attitude indicator display
  • Horizontal and vertical deflection indicators added to the attitude indicator display
  • True airspeed, outside air temperature, and heading bug added to the attitude indicator display
  • Wind speed/direction, course/dtk, and distance to waypoint added to the HSI display
  • Updated the popups to use the modern popup system, as seen in the latest TorqueSim SR20/22 G1000 and Entegra versions, bringing better configurability and automatic popup support to RealSimGear G5 hardware users. 

Thank you,

Cooper, and the AFM Simulation, RealSimGear, and X-Aviation teams


Where can I purchase the G5?

The G5 can be purchased from X-Aviation here. Existing customers of the AFM G5 do not need to make a new purchase.

I’m an existing AFM G5 customer, what do I need to do and what does this mean for me?

Don’t worry, everyone who purchased the AFM G5 has a license to the RealSimGear G5 – updates will continue under that brand at no additional cost. The RealSimGear G5 is still being sold through X-Aviation, as the AFM G5 was, so the product transfer was already seamlessly completed.

Who do I contact for support on the G5?

The RealSimGear G5 forum on X-Pilot is a great place to start. If you want a direct contact, there are two main points of ticketed support, X-Aviation support for issues related to the installer, purchases, etc. Contact RealSimGear for support on the software itself, integrations, anything to do with the G5 hardware, and anything else. We will make sure you are taken care of!

Will Cooper still be developing this?

You may know me, Cooper, as the developer behind AFM and TorqueSim. I also am a developer at RealSimGear. Making this transfer made sense strategically for both parties. I will still be developing the updates for the G5 for the foreseeable future, just under the RealSimGear brand. 

Was any customer data transferred during this process?

No. X-Aviation maintains the customer relationship with the products, that data is not shared with the developers (AFM, RealSimGear) except on a need-to-know basis (ex. when you contact support, etc.). 

Is the previous information on the AFM G5 still available?

Yes, that can be viewed using these links: