Version 4 Public Beta 5 (15 June 2020):

  • X-Plane 11.50 Vulcan/Metal Compatibility fix
  • Code infrastructure refactoring
  • More performance optimization

Version 4 Public Beta 4 (6 Jan 2020):

  • Fixed GTNs in Ovation 2
  • Fixed preference file saving and loading
  • Adjusted failure sensitivity
  • Updated Libacfutils to a newer version for AFM G5 compatibility

Version 4 Public Beta 3 (1 Nov 2019):

  • Migrated DRM system to X-Aviation
  • Upgraded library and persistent systems to handle different folder layouts
  • Utilizes .cfg type files for storing data
  • Implemented installer functionality (X-Aviation)
  • Upgraded logic of the electrical system
  • Upgraded Code Signing for MacOS 10.15 Catalina
  • Airspeed based door closing

Version 4 Public Beta 2 (3 July 2019):

  • Added Synthetic Vision
  • Added Bezel-less Popups for G1000
  • Ported our easy-offline DRM system to Mac
  • Upgraded systems libraries used

Version 4 Public Beta 1 (1 July 2019):

  • Fixed Ovation 2 HSI Vertical Deflection Needle not working on GPS based approaches. Now you can use the GPS to your heart’s content
  • Fixed Ovation 3 and Acclaim G1000 popup windows having invisible cursors
  • Migration and upgrade of systems code

Version Release 3.0.3 (16 Dec 2018):

  • AIRAC 1813 CTD Bugfix for Ovation 3 and Acclaim Type S
  • Minor 11.30 Adjustments. Major update coming soon with full 11.30 feature integration.

Version Release 3.0.2 (7 Aug 2018):

  • VR Yoke Causing CTD
  • VR Flap Handle now works
  • VR Config files improved
  • Range Buttons on GNS530/430 fixed
  • Yoke Show/Hide was backward
  • 150% Zoom fixed hover icons with side menu
  • Tuned Engine Failure sensitivity
  • Tuned Random Failure sensitivity (should occur with half the frequency now – 1/100,000 odds per second)
  • Tuned Flap Actuator sensitivity
  • Tuned engine temperatures
  • Ovation 3 G1000 Delta Peak was not displaying, fixed
  • Glass too Opaque, fixed

Version Release 3.0.1 (15 July 2018):

  • XSaitekPanels Support for Logitech/Saitek Switch and Radio Panels. Files are preinstalled.
  • Oxygen Control Knob now spins properly
  • DG/Slew on Ovation II now works properly
  • Right Clicking on G1000 now does not cause a CTD.

Version Release 3.0.0 (13 July 2018):

  • New Cabin 3D Model including sidewalls and seats
  • New 3D people in exterior views
  • Maintenance Manager including wear and random based failures, both of which can be disabled
  • Manipulators improved
  • VR Compatibility improved
  • Now On XPLM301 SDK, X-Plane 11.20+ Required
  • Support for Threshold Store
  • Removal of DDS textures to improve storage usage and increase reliability
  • Menu Titles Fixed
  • Livery Icons Fixed
  • Engine CHT Simulation Fixed
  • Electrical Page button removed from Ovation 2

Version Beta 2.2.2 (25 Apr 2018):

  • Fixed G1000 on Ovation 3
  • Resolved overset text on M20TN Engine Page

Version Beta 2.2.1 (24 Apr 2018):

  • Added Optional Auto-Updater
  • Fixed Rudder Animation on M20TN
  • Fixed issue where G1000 MFD doesn’t display on some computers
  • Baro and Course knob order fixed on G1000 Popups
  • Vacuum and Ammeter datarefs added for debugging and informational purposes.

Version Beta 2.2.0 (14 Apr 2018):

  • Added M20TN Acclaim Type S (Turbocharged)
  • Includes 7 Default Liveries! (Ovation Liveries will not work on the Acclaim)
  • Customized G1000 for Acclaim
  • Enhanced Oxygen System
  • Revised Nose on M20R Ovation II and III
  • Enhanced Performance on G1000 displays
  • Oxygen System and Hypoxia Simulation

Version Beta 2.1.1 (6 Apr 2018):

  • Added updater software (Windows Only at this time, Mac still has Manual Install)
  • Addressed FPS bug. Performance should be better than 2.1.0
  • Hotfix for X-Plane 11.20 beta 4 VR Config files
  • Acfutils by Totoritko updated for Ovation II

Version Beta 2.1.0 (2 Apr 2018):

  • Custom G1000 Additions: Custom Engine and Checklist Pages including lean assist, fuel calculator and more! We also have added custom popups for the G1000 so you can see our G1000 additions in 2D and 3D.
  • Mac Compatibility!
  • Custom Menu Interface: Load Manager, Aircraft Menu, and Settings, all in a custom, image-based, resizable and pop-outable fashion.
  • Custom Load Manager with Custom Weight/Balance engine.
  • Full VR Support added to the Ovation 2 as well – we are improving VR in patches as Laminar release documentation. VR Virtual Yokes have been added.
  • Sounds: Revamped Sounds for engine, flaps, and gear
  • Liveries: 3 More Default Liveries Included! N1021K, G-MUNI, and HB-DIL
  • Systems: Gyro Simulation Revamped
  • Systems: Master Warning Interface also revamped to improve accuracy
  • Flight Model: Drag profile Adjusted for accuracy
  • Flight Model: Engine quitting at idle issue fixed
  • Flight Model: Default Prop Pitch adjusted
  • Flight Model: Ovation 3 Autopilot retuned for Heading and Localizer intercepts to match G1000 performance. Auto back course now functions properly.
  • Flight Model: High-speed oscillations resolved with autopilot
  • Documentation: Ovation 3 Manual and Checklists Added
  • Graphics: Lit Texture for Altimeter on Ovation 3 fixed
  • Graphics: Pull to Cage added to Standby Attitude Indicator on Ovation 3
  • Activator: Improved activator for ease of use
  • Activator: Verified all code to function properly so no reload is necessary after activation
  • Misc: Hardware Master Switch On Command now functions
  • Misc: Blank switch is now movable on Ovation 2
  • Misc: FPS Menu function will now be more accurate

Version Beta 2.0.8 (22 Feb 2018):

  • Fix Rudder Trim Indicator on G1000
  • Fix CTD with Font Loading on Specific Hardware Setups
  • Increase Debug Calls

Version Beta 2.0.7 (11 Feb 2018):

  • Custom G1000 Boot screens and logic
  • Custom G1000 Engine Overlays to match the real aircraft! (The Engine page and checklists will be coming soon!)
  • VR Clickspot for Ignition key fixed.

Version Beta 2.0.6 (31 Jan 2018):

  • Improved Flightmodel, Updated for 11.10 by Alan Shafto of AeroSimGaming
  • Alt Volt Annunciator Logic Improved in Ovation II and Ovation III
  • Circuit Breaker popped ring in Ovation II fixed
  • Magnetic Compass Mislabeled: fixed in Ovation III

Version Beta 2.0.5 (28 Jan 2018):

  • Added Ovation III plugin upgrades to Ovation II
  • Added Ovation III new cabin textures to Ovation II
  • Added Compass Line to Ovation III
  • Fixed Panel Gap on Ovation III
  • Fixed FMOD “Begin Sound Attachment” error
  • Adjusted Ovation II viewpoint
  • Added Cabin Wear Textures
  • Adjusted more manipulators to be VR compatible, including range buttons.
  • Integrated the libacfutils library by Saso Kiselkov (Totoritko). Only small changes were made, but this library will allow for lots of improvements!

Version Alpha 2.0.4 (20 Jan 2018):

Controlled Access. See more here

Version Beta 1.4.2 (26 Dec 2017):

  • Fuselage doors did not open

Version Beta 1.4.1 (23 Dec 2017):

  • Compatibility fixes to make fully compatible with X-Plane 11.11
  • Added modification files for grey panel and blue leather seats
  • Minor FMOD changes

Version Beta 1.4.0 (10 Dec 2017):

  • TKS Ice Protection System Added: Detailed system depth simulation of antice with fluid drain, multiple pumps, electrical load, and all anti-ice panels are 3D modeled!
  • Exterior Sounds Added! Interior sounds tuned! Much more to come in the sound department soon, but it is improved.
  • Instruction Manual Added for more details on how to operate the aircraft.
  • Persistence System: Added exterior objects (cones, covers, etc.), fixed DME persistence
  • Knob Acceleration Setting: Off by default, turn on in M20R Settings. Will accelerate heading/course knobs to allow for quicker adjustments
  • 3D Object of nose adjusted to better reflect reality. All efforts have been made to keep compatibility will existing liveries
  • Added ability to start the flight with the engine running and the aircraft’s custom systems will also be ready to go. Will also not show exterior objects (cones, covers, etc.)
  • Magnetic Compass center line added
  • Attitude Indicator Triangle Added
  • Instrument/Panel Light Knob Rotation added
  • Default X-Plane 11.10 alert sounds muted
  • M20R.obj texture requirement error fixed
  • Fixed .acf VNO to be at proper airspeed

Version Beta 1.3.0 (18 Nov 2017):

  • DDS textures added for all objects everything. This should increase performance and drastically reduces load time. (All Custom Liveries downloads also have DDS added. Redownload them for the update)
  • Autopilot Constants are much smoother and the autopilot no longer oscillates
  • HSI Nav Flag showing incorrectly
  • HSI Course Deflection Rotates with Course
  • Decreased Pitch Sensitivity
  • OAT Temperature now shows properly in negative temperatures
  • GPS Range Knob Manipulators Changed
  • Exhaust Pipe end is no longer solid
  • DRM Email field is now NOT case sensitive

Version Beta 1.2.3 (12 Nov 2017):

  • Updated a few liveries where there were some wrong textures
  • Addressed a sound issue with autopilot alerter sound playing wrong. We are working on fixing the bug, in the meantime, that sound has been disabled
  • Some minor texture changes

Version Beta 1.2.2 (10 Nov 2017):

  • Updated Panel texture; It is significantly improved
  • Cabin brightness reduced
  • Fixed Panel texture night lighting
  • Tuned Vacuum System sensor response time
  • Prop Lever now starts full forward upon loading the aircraft
  • Fixed Tire Normal Map
  • Fixed UV map of cargo area flooring
  • Added 2K Texture Pack.

Version Beta 1.2.1 (5 Nov 2017):

  • FMOD Sound Improvements and Fixes
  • Persistence System is More Persistent (Added Internal Lights and Trim)
  • Open/Close All Door Function Added
  • Prop Lever fixed at start in 11.10b
  • More functional in 11.10b
  • Gear bypass button will disengage after 5 seconds

Version Beta 1.2.0 (4 Nov 2017):

Initial Public Release in Early Release.