AFM is proud to announce our next aircraft, coming very soon to X-Plane 11: The Pocket Rocket! AFM has partnered with Attitude Simulations to form TORQUESIM Aircraft Development, where we are working together to create some of the best add-on aircraft for X-Plane.

The Pocket Rocket is a re-creation of a modified Impulse 100 Aircraft. We have installed our version with a PT6A-28 Turboprop engine, giving this light 2-seat aircraft 715 equivalent-shaft-horse-power! Be prepared to cruise up to FL250 at Mach 0.53. With two included variants, Tailwheel and Retractable Tricycle, you can fly this into the back-country or use it for speedy flights around the world. You can go from performing acrobatics to flying corss-country without issue. With over 5 hours of endurance, you can fly this aircraft on tons of flights.

This aircraft will be feature filled! Our current (tentative) feature list:

  • Extremely high-detail 3D model
  • Full PBR 4K Texturing
  • Custom Systems including electrical, engine start, fuel, lighting, and more
  • Custom G1000 Engine Sidebars, Annunciators, and Checklists
  • Custom G5 Attitude Indicator with PFD features simulated
  • Custom FMOD Sound Pack
  • Maintenance and Failure simulation
  • Custom Load Manager
  • Persistent Systems
  • Fully custom plugin using C++ and the X-Plane SDK: no compromises for performance
  • Includes many different liveries and paint kit
  • (expect a full feature list by release)

We are wrapping up the development of this wonderful aircraft and we hope to get it into your virtual hangars soon! To stay updated on our progress, make sure to join our Discord channel, follow our blog, and follow the TORQUESIM blog.

TORQUESIM Pocket Rocket Specifications

Thrust715 eshp / 680 shp
Takeoff Distance< 1000 ft
Landing Distance< 500 ft
Range @ High-Speed Cruise (Mach 0.53 / FL 250)> 1500 NM
Range @ Economy Cruise (Mach 0.47 / FL 250)> 1700 NM
Service CeilingFL250
Payload with Max Fuel445 LBS
Fuel Capacity1155 LBS
Empty Weight955 / 1010 LBS (Tail/Retract)
Maximum Takeoff Weight2600 LBS
Maximum Landing Weight2500 LBS


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