(Public Beta 1)

  • Fixed Ovation 2 HSI Vertical Deflection Needle not working on GPS based approaches. Now you can use the GPS to your heart’s content
  • Fixed Ovation 3 and Acclaim G1000 popup windows having invisible cursors – no more ninja skills required. Thank you @totoritko for the fix!

See a detailed interactive changelog here:

And see what is up next here:

NOTE: This is a public BETA. Things may break and be unstable. If you find things off, let me know so it can get fixed 🙂

To Install:

Simply download the following file and overwrite your V3.0.3 install with this patch file. Enjoy! No re-activation should be needed.

To Revert:

If you encounter issues, you can always revert to Release Version 3.0.3. Simply either backup and restore before installing, or download 3.0.3 from the store of purchase again. Let me know if you need any support.